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Passion. Drive. Patience.

Since the fifth grade, Anmol Dhalla has strived to make a positive impact on the world around him. What started off with making a lousy website while his mom was calling him for dinner is now a trusted corporation. In 2011, Anmol migrated to Canada with his family and stood out from the crowd at school as the ‘new kid’ and developed an affection for being different. Anmol has since faced failures on failures while learning and gaining new experiences. Having started businesses from all kinds of industries such as a web radio to a successful clothing line, he has experienced a decent amount in various areas of business.

Came grade seven for the young Anmol in 2013, as a freelance web designer decided to start his own web design agency, known as 1A4D Studios at the time, expanding over time to be now known as Genzup, an organization of the future. Your young partners.

Anmol’s willingness and enthusiasm to meet others is something that has been fostered since childhood. Grade ten was a special year for Anmol in 2016, with a friend he started his first venture with a partner, a clothing line called Rudeson Apparel. A way for young changemakers to express the unique lifestyle through their attire. Rudeson would do very well for the next two years and Anmol shut it down to focus on his other ventures. Various failed ventures and a lot of knowledge gained along with a strong network, Anmol decided to help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid the challenges he went through and founded AYE Canada.

Accelerate Youth Entrepreneurship, a youth non-profit organization that designed programs and workshops to make an impact and assist over 600 aspiring young leaders. AYE worked with the Peel District School Board to run a youth entrepreneurship program at high schools and assisted Ryerson University design similar programs.

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In 2020, Anmol is currently working on four initiatives. Genzup, an organization of the future that works with organizations in various industries to connect with youth for numerous reasons such as marketing, brand development, innovation strategy, and many more. Genzup has always prioritized the mission statement to help the world understand the generation that is constantly changing. Over the last seven-years, Genzup has worked with well-recognized organizations such as the City of Brampton, Ryerson University, Microsoft, Century 21, and RE/MAX just to name a few. You can learn more at the Genzup website.

AYE Canada has made an impact and made it easier for young aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business. In the near future, AYE has partnered with post-secondary institutions to bring a youth-focused pre-seed accelerator for talented young leaders to take their ideas from concept to MVP (minimum viable product). Not only that, AYE is focused on connecting young community champions with community leaders through AYE Connect, an online platform where young leaders can easily access resources and step-by-step guides on how to start a business, a non-profit organization, and many more. You can learn more on the AYE Canada website.

Mulary, an early-stage digital marketing start-up that works with businesses of all sizes to reach real users and create traction. A fully automated SaaS product that pays the general population to post on their social media. You can follow the journey on the Mulary website. Dhax is a high-risk high-return venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed start-ups and helps them grow to revenue-generating corporations. A very early stage concept currently in the works, follow the journey on the Dhax website.

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