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Youth. Entrepreneurship. Mindset.

Youth Entrepreneurship of the Future
The start-up community has evolved majorly in the last decade. Being a young entrepreneur since 2012, Anmol has first handedly experienced the shift. From overcoming a no from a prospective client because you’re too young to not being able to incorporate a business because you’re not old enough to the best practices for young entrepreneurs, Anmol talks about it all from personal experience for the future generation.

Life’s First Romantic Relationship
Love doesn’t wait for you to grow up, it just happens. Most relationships are tingly and great at first but when the honeymoon phase is over and it gets real, and everyone is just sick of each other, it gets nasty. However, the first time that happens that’s the one that hurts the most. Aside from the feeling of getting hurt, the toll it takes on mental health is heavily severe. Anmol speaks from personal experience for every young person no matter if they’re single, gloomy, in-a-relationship, complicated, or any other state.

Mindset: The Force Behind Failures
I could never. I can’t stand up and talk. I am too good for them. These are all statements that cause us to fail at things we could have won. The second you think you can’t do something; you have already lost even if you are fully capable of winning. The mindset of a person is without a doubt one of the most important things to ultimate success. From simply silencing out the negatives in life to focusing on the small wins like catching the bus on time, mindset is the game and drive behind success. Anmol speaks from the heart about going from failing high school math multiple times and everyone telling him he will fail if he doesn’t get it together to working with well-recognized organizations across the country.

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